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November 7th, 2005

Album: My Ruin – The Brutal Language

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My Ruin
The Brutal Language
Rovena Recordings
07 November 2005

by Lynsey Wright

Over the years My Ruin have brought various new aspects to the genre known as ‘metal’, challenging what has been and what is to come in one fell swoop. Combining Tairrie’s roots in rap and hip-hop with the influence of spoken word style pieces of Lydia Lunch, the band have amalgamated these genres and created a new breed of metal. The Brutal Language takes on a more classic approach to metal and takes it on hard.

Multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Mick Murphy recorded not only the guitar parts on this album, but the drum parts also, and, if that wasn’t enough, produced the whole album too proving that talent really does seep from this guy’s pores.

Tairrie’s raw, infallible vocals are yet to be matched for passion and brutality by any other band and this is clear in tracks such as ‘Spilling Open’ and ‘Metamorphosis’. Both also wielding the secret of searing riffs and driven drums that pierce through the silence and show the “wannabees” how real, heavy rock ‘n’ roll should sound.

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Hometown salutation track ‘Silverlake 6571’ is a danceable slice of classic rock n’ roll and with lyrics like “I’m a sinner, so lets all pray, I wouldn’t want it any other way,” it’s clear that My Ruin know what it takes to be the baddest band around.

‘Vince Vaughn’ is an up-beat surprise on an otherwise darkly gritty album, this track oozes sex and was apparently written after Murphy’s inspiring impressions of the acclaimed Hollywood actor.

The album’s closing track, ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ is a perfectly-honed tribute to grunge-mongers Mudhoney. My Ruin take it on as their own and convert it into a metal anthem with intentions to preach the message to the masses.

Taking no hostages, this album is the perfect heavy metal album; dirty, grungy, raw and relentless.


Sounds like: Black Sabbath, Clutch, Manhole
Top tracks: Silverlake 6571, Metamorphosis and Vince Vaughn

My Ruin – The Brutal Language tracklisting
Nature Boy
Silverlake 6571
The Devil Walks
Spilling Oven
Cold Hands Warm Heart
Summer Of Hell
Vince Vaughn
Imitation Of Christ
Touch Me I’m Sick (Mudhoney Cover)



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