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June 3rd, 2008

Album: Johnny Truant – No Tears For The Creatures

Johnny Truant

Johnny Truant
No Tears For The Creatures
United By Fate Records
02 June 2008

by Ryan Williams

With their third album, Johnny Truant may well have hit the heavy metal jackpot. While their two previous records seemed either one-dimensional or failed to reach potential at times, No Tears For The Creatures delivers everything that the Brighton metalcore monsters have always threatened to.

The dark themes that have always coursed through JT’s veins (death and carnage, mainly) are still just as apparent, if not more so but what really comes through is the diversity of music and togetherness of the band.

Johnny Truant - No Tears For The Creatures

The opening triumvirate features the militantly furious opener ‘The Grotesque’, the stupefying breakdowns of lead single ‘Death Rides’ (download it for free at Johnny Truant’s MySpace) and the math-metal, rhythmic masterpiece that is ‘Last Arms Of The Apocalypse’. There is not a single moment of respite, but Johnny Truant have much more in the locker than just relentless power.

The common perception of metalcore is that it’s loud, dumb and fun. Generally that’s fair but there are no double-kicked bass drums permeating this album in order to make it seem heavy. It just is heavy.

Watch the video to ‘Death Rides’

Johnny Truant have managed to take all the most punishing aspects of metalcore and have added expansive, atmospheric textures in order to create the two gargantuan, seven-minute opuses that close the record (‘Fog Lights’ and ‘The Weeping, Wailing, And Gnashing Of Teeth’).

If No Tears… cannot propel Johnny Truant onto the same international level as the bands like Killswitch Engage and Alexisonfire – bands that they have worked with so closely – then nothing will.


No Tears For The Creatures by Johnny Truant is out now on United By Fate Records.



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