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July 3rd, 2008

Album: Biffy Clyro – Singles 2001-2005

Biffy Clyro 2004 Thrash Hits Simon Neil James Ben Johnston

Biffy Clyro
Singles 2001-2005
Beggars Banquet
07 July 2008

by Vincent Danger

With Puzzle selling more than their previous three efforts (Blackened Sky, The Vertigo Of Bliss and Infinity Land) combined, it’s a safe bet that Biffy Clyro have gained a few new fans over the past couple of years.

The natural thing to do would be to release a compilation of their finest work – the singles that formed the basis for their hard touring up and down the British Isles and beyond. Here it is.

Biffy Clyro Singles 2001 2005 Thrash Hits Simon Neil Ben James Johnston

Sadly Singles 2001-2005 cares to omit all the often extravagant b-sides that Biffy so painstakingly recorded so any newcomers looking for a digest of the Scottish trio’s past work will unwittingly only skim the surface.

Due to the bordering-on-obsessive nature of hardcore Biffy Clyro fans, they will all have each and every single one of these singles in their collection, complete with b-sides and artwork and whatever other paraphernalia may have been tied in, making it an unnecessary purchase for everybody but the completists among us.

Watch the video to ‘My Recovery Injection’ by Biffy Clyro

However, if you’ve been a casual Biffy fan for the past decade (believe me, there are many), then this collection is a wonderful way for you to see exactly how the band has progressed from the dynamic and quirky tones of ‘27’ and ‘57’ to the obtrusively intricate and even more dynamic ‘My Recovery Injection’ and ‘Glitter And Trauma’.

Ultimately, it would have been the perfect scenario if they’d just made this a double album and included the bounteous b-sides as well. As it stands, despite being a fantastic set of Biffy songs, missing off half of the material from the singles means it’s just lacking a certain something.


Biffy Clyro Singles 2001-2005 is released on 7 July 2008 on Beggars Banquet



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