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July 16th, 2008

Album: Exit Ten – Remember The Day

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Exit Ten
Remember The Day
Deepburn/Pinnacle Records
20 February 2008

by James Shitty

Hailed as a frontrunner of the emerging “New Wave of British Metalcore”, Reading’s Exit Ten have finally unleashed their first full length album – and as statements of intent go, it is nothing less than potent.

Cutting their teeth as a teenage metal covers band, the band’s muscular musicianship is the first thing that hits you as the swirling Tool-esque guitars of opener ‘Technically Alive’ go head to head with tight propulsive drums.

Exit Ten Remember The Day album cover pinnacle thrash hits

Top that all off with the fact that in Ryan Redman, they have the shocking asset of a singer who can actually sing and you can see why the critics are combing their thesauruses for superlatives to tag on the five-piece.

Hardcore fans might quibble about having to listen to more polished versions of ‘Fine Night’ and ‘Resume Ignore’ (previously available on the band’s This World They’ll Drown mini-album) but there is enough new material to keep the grass roots fans happy and see their emerging heroes cement their position as one of the UK’s most exciting.

Watch the video to ‘Warriors’ by Exit Ten

From the soaring brilliance of ‘Warriors’ to the enveloping melodies of ‘Perish In The Flames’, the band’s blueprint is clear – beauty and brashness in a locked embrace.

If there was any criticism of Remember The Day, it is the lack of musical variety – as effective as the band’s music is – it doesn’t take the listener on a particularly varied journey. It’s a minor quibble when you consider the sonic brilliance on offer, but it is exciting to consider where these purveyors of metalmelodicore will go next!


Remember The Day by Exit Ten is out now on Deep Burn/Pinnacle Records



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