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July 30th, 2008

Album: Fei Comodo – They All Have Two Faces

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Fei Comodo
They All Have Two Faces
Smalltown Records
01 September 2008

by Mischa Pearlman

The debut album from this young Essex band mixes metal and hardcore in a way that, on paper, may not work, but is actually extremely effective and emotive.

Only eight songs long, They All Have Two Faces is nonetheless akin to blood-filled battlefield, as machine gun drums fight it out with noodling guitars, gut-wrenching vocals and an outpouring of emotion that’s both overwhelming and cathartic.

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Already making a name for themselves on the live circuit, this collection of songs should cement Fei Comodo’s reputation as one of Britain’s most engaging and promising new rock bands.

Lead single ‘Break The Ice’ does just that, kicking in and starting the album proper after its brief, atmospheric instrumental introduction, swirling and aching away in an agonising ball of driving riffs and vengeful, high pitched vocals.

A few songs later, ‘Just Another Day’ is a ferocious spasm of musical aggression, throats fighting instruments to be heard, before they reach a compromise and the harmony takes over.

Watch the video to ‘Break The Ice’ by Fei Comodo

It’s the surprise factor – that you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get at any point – that make Fei Comodo more musically interesting than other bands of a similar ilk. Despite such in your face tunes, their subtle nuances and variations of style make for a thrilling set of songs, although by the end it’s a little relentless, so if you’re not in the mood it may grate just a tiny bit.

But that’s a small, emotionally-specific gripe. The real shame is that none of the songs from their previous EP, This One’s For Us, have made it to this album, especially as there’s clearly room for more. Maybe that’s something to consider for the platinum edition re-release.


They All Have Two Faces by Fei Comodo is out on 1 September 2008 through Smalltown Records



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