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July 22nd, 2008

Album: Stone Gods – Silver Spoons & Broken Bones

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Stone Gods
Silver Spoons & Broken Bones
06 July 2008

by Ryan Williams

From the ashes of The Darkness has come Stone Gods. It’s impossible to talk about this band without mentioning the multi-million selling band that spawned them, so why bother trying.

The formula of retro rock – AC/DC and Def Leppard the templates rather than Queen and Led Zeppelin this time – is wonderfully familiar. The band’s style is raucous but grounded and with the explosive, unpredictable, self-combustible factor of Justin Hawkins out of the equation, there appears to be a bit more stability with Richie Edwards at the helm.

Silver Spoons and Broken Bones Stone Gods Thrash Hits packshot album cover

Stone Gods have been taking their time and touring the UK incredibly hard prior to the release of Silver Spoons & Broken Bones and it appears their hard work is paying off as the y gain plaudits from critics and fans alike.

Opening track ‘Burn The Witch’ is dumb, family fun and totally sets the tone for an unruly hard rocking ride. That’s the key. It’s hard rock in the ’80s style for dudes who have a family. It’s beautifully inoffensive and just overblown enough to be bloody brilliant.

Watch the video to ‘Knight Of The Living Dead’ by Stone Gods

It’s important to remember that this is Dan Hawkins’ baby and he was just as important to The Darkness as his brother but was the understated workhorse rather than the flamboyant showman. As a result, this album apes music from decades gone just as much but a lot less conspicuously.

The self-indulgent factor has gone out of the window and a new level of maturity has come into Hawkins’ songwriting which allows the songs to flow and differentiate with commanding choruses and foot-stamping verses.

If you pick this record up hoping for the third Darkness record you will be slightly disappointed because if you’re just looking for a bit of fun, you won’t get it here. Stone Gods mean business and they will deliver.


Silver Spoons & Broken Bones by Stone Gods is out now on Integral/PIAS



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