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July 31st, 2008

EP: Blakfish – See You In Another City

blakfish on the beach thrash hits

See You In Another City EP
Big Scary Monsters

by Mischa Pearlman

See You In Another City, the latest release from Birmingham’s Blakfish, almost blasts you there in the second you press play – first song Preparing For Guests is prefaced with a throat slicing, vocal chord cutting, bloodcurdling scream, before the rest of the song kicks in.

It’s the first of five hard emotional punches that knock your heart and brain about with their deadly delivery.

blakfish on the beach see you in another city thrash hits

Blending strains of post-hardcore with full-throttle rock and an underlying indie mentality, Blakfish offer up a delicious dish of brutal confessionalism that twists and turns with each intricate guitar note, guttural songs such as the brilliantly titiled ‘Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man’ and ‘My Stomach Feels Like My Throat’s Been Cut’, which reach deep down and eviscerate you as you listen, slicing through your guts to reveal your innermost self and leaving it strewn all over the ground.

Watch Blakfish performing ‘Captain Burns’ live

Yet beneath the visceral delivery, there’s a melodic beauty that pins this songs together – stitching you back together, as it were, at the same time as tearing you apart. It’s that symbiosis that makes this EP so vital, because it captures the rough and the smooth, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

See You In Another City is all of those things. It sounds like the intensity of the songs could have easily killed the band, causing them to fall down and apart before finishing off and rounding it all up. Luckily it didn’t. It would be a shame to be without this record, this band.


See You In Another City by Blakfish is out now on Big Scary Monsters



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