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July 14th, 2008

Live: Biffy Clyro @ Northampton Roadmenders – 11 July 2008

When Biffy Clyro played their first ever show at Northampton Roadmenders as a T In The Park festival warmup show, Anne Waites was there to witness the magic with Graham Pentz photographing the Scottish trio.

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After well over a year spent touring the arse off Puzzle – zipping across America, Japan and Australia as well as hitting most of Britain and the rest of Europe for good measure – you’d think Biffy Clyro would spend the night before their triumphant T In The Park homecoming performance having a nice sit down at home with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Fat chance. Rather than conserving their apparently limitless energy, they’re to be found playing an intimate show in the dark and sweaty confines of Northampton’s Roadmenders, blazing through an hour-long set as if it only dawned on them this afternoon just how powerful their triple-attack rock actually is.

Clad in a uniform of red jeans, they blaze into ‘Saturday Superhouse’, hair and beards flying and sweat-soaked within seconds, as a crowd of ever-loyal fans launch their bodies skywards in response.

Watch the video to ‘Mountains’ by Biffy Clyro

They’re rewarded with old favourites punctuating Puzzle highlights – the euphoric ‘Justboy’, the attack dog bite of ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake’, the irresistible bounce of ‘Glitter And Trauma’ – and new single ‘Mountains’ hits like a tsunami, every bit as huge as its title.

This visceral night is an example to all newcomers of just what they’ve been missing for all these years, and a reminder to everyone else of exactly how this band reached their recent lofty heights in the first place – by blasting us into submission until it’s impossible not to join in the fun.

Biffy Clyro @ Northampton Roadmenders photo gallery

Biffy Clyro @ Northampton Roadmenders setlist
‘Saturday Superhouse’
‘Who’s Got A Match’
‘Whole Child Ago’
‘Love Has A Diameter’
‘Jaggy Snake’
‘All The Way Down’
‘Get Fucked Stud’
‘Now I’m Everyone’
‘Living Is A Problem’
‘Glitter And Trauma’
‘As Dust Dances’

‘Mountains’ is released on 25 August 2008 on 14th Floor Records



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