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July 21st, 2008

Slipknot unleash video for ‘Psychosocial’

Slipknot All Hope Is Gone Masks Thrash Hits

After the filming for the video to ‘Pyschosocial’ being delayed by the perpetually clumsy DJ Sid Wilson banging his head against a door (accidentally), everyone was a bit worried. You’ll be happy to know the video has finally been released.

‘Pyschosocial’ was released on 7 July 2008 as the first proper single from their forthcoming fourth album, All Hope Is Gone which, in turn, will be released on 25 August 2008.

Watch the video to ‘Pyschosocial’ by Slipknot

Squealing guitars, the new masks are probably the scariest so far, the purging of the Purgatory Masks, flames, water and crumbling stuff. Surely this video has got it all! What do you think about that?



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