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August 13th, 2008

Album: Motörhead – Motörizer

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01 September 2008

by Joel McIver

A new year, a new Motörhead album: it’s almost as if Lemmy is trying to make the most of the five or so years left to him on the live circuit before an inevitable retirement made up of the occasional charity gig and magazine awards ceremonies.

Refreshingly, Motörizer is no better or worse than Inferno, Hammered, We Are Motörhead or any other recent Motörhead album released over the last decade.

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It’s made up of songs about partying (‘Runaround Man’), shagging (‘English Rose’) and drinking and shagging (‘Rock Out’), and sounds digitally clean and tidy compared to the ancient hits which Motörhead recorded a quarter-century ago.

The sleeve is bombastic, the lyrics are knowingly puerile and the bass is overdriven and high in the mix, as it should be. In short, there’s nothing different about this album.

Now, this is A Good Thing. If you think about it, no-one really wants Lemmy to deviate much from the tried and trusted recipe that elevated his band into the charts in the 80s. You wouldn’t want Iron Maiden to play metalcore or Judas Priest to do rap-metal, would you? Likewise with Motörhead.

Watch Motörhead at Download 2005 and ‘Ace Of Spades’

What we want from them is fast, stupid biker-metal with raspy vocals and basic blues-rock solos, plus the occasional slow song for the sake of light and shade and a bit of rebellious sociopolitical commentary (covered here on ‘The Thousand Names Of God’).

Motörhead always deliver, and they always play massive tours after each album, every show of which is exactly the same – with a big old encore of ‘Overkill’ and a reluctant version of ‘The Ace Of Spades’ (Lemmy is sick of that song, reasonably enough).

When they’re not here any more, you’ll miss them – so don’t criticise this album for being the same as all the rest. That’s like criticising the sun for shining the same way every day.


Motörizer by Motörhead is released on 1 September 2008 through SPV



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