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September 24th, 2008

Album: Funeral For A Friend – Memory And Humanity

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Funeral For A Friend
Memory And Humanity
Join Us Records
13 October 2008

by George Fernandez

No longer on a major label, Funeral For A Friend are releasing their fourth album on their own label and a founding member, bassist Gareth Davies has recently left for fresher pastures.

They may have a new bassist now (Gavin Burrough, pictured above – second from left), but it’s still not looking good at all. Surely this is the last throw of the post-hardcore dice for the Welsh wizards.

memory and humanity cover packshot album cover artwork funeral for a friend thrash hits

Cast those doubts far from your mind because after the relative disappointment of 2007’s classic rock-orientated concept album, Tales Don’t Tell Themselves, F4AF are back with riffs so big, you’ll see emo starjumps all the way back to the horizon.

Indeed, the big spiel sees them celebrating the fact album #4 is being released exactly five years after releasing their magnificent debut, Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation. Memory And Humanity is a return to that kind of form.

The double A-side of ‘Beneath the Burning Tree’ and ‘Waterfront Dance Club’ helped to pique the interest of their fans and gave great insight into what M&H is all about.

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There are huge riffs that roll through and cascade over the stadium walls, choruses that will be sung back by thousands and a sound that has become unmistakeable in its F4AF-ishness.

Lumbering current single, ‘Kicking and Screaming’ is probably the weakest track on the album and is overshadowed by the gargantuan riff and perfectly orchestrated chorus of B-side, ‘Constant Illuminations’ – also on the album.

Gentler melodies are reserved for the necessary tear-jerking ballads of ‘Building’ and ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ but by and large, Funeral stick to what they know: coughing and spluttering their way through songs which stick in brains and fill rooms in equal measure.

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Indeed, the somewhat punctuated ‘Maybe I Am?’ and ‘Someday The Fire…’ are songs tailor-made for the radio. This could be their best driving album… ever.

There’s no doubting that this album will be a huge success. Funeral found their sound a long time ago and have never stopped adding to it and progressing their sound. This is the culmination of all of that.

Memory And Humanity consolidates Funeral For A Friend’s position as one of the success stories of 21st century British rock music. Long may they continue.


Funeral For A Friend – Memory And Humanity tracklisting
Rules and Games
To Die Like Mouchette
Kicking and Screaming
Constant Illuminations
Maybe I Am?
You Can’t See the Forest for the Wolves
Beneath the Burning Tree
Someday the Fire…
Waterfront Dance Club
Charlie Don’t Surf
Constant Resurrections



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