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September 1st, 2008

What have Metallica done with the Death Magnetic artwork?

Metallica have seemingly gone back to what they know in terms of more than just the music. Vincent Danger takes a look at the artwork from Death Magnetic as well as the new/old logo

metallica logo death magnetic

All reports on Death Magnetic so far have said that the thrash legends have gone back to their old riff-heavy style of playing but Metallica have changed more than just the music. Look at the design.

The logo they’re using (pictured, above) is the one they started out with. It’s as if they’re actively harking back to what may be perceived as the good old days. Luckily it all fits together fantastically and the music lives up to all the hype.

Read Tony Hampton’s 6/6 review of Death Magnetic.

Metallica Death Magnetic album cover packshot Thrash Hits

The cover artwork and the inlay booklet attached to the digipak album that we saw are also very interesting. All the lyrics are held within the inlay but the order they are printed is different to the tracklisting that has been released.

The coffin that you can see on the Death Magnetic cover is actually a jagged-edged, coffin-shaped hole in the card that goes all the way through the booklet with the coffin-shaped holes becoming progressively smaller to give the perspective of some depth – as if the coffin is in the ground.

Here is a run down of the artwork within the inlay booklet.

Metallica – Death Magnetic inlay overview:
‘My Apocalypse’ – a car crash
‘That Was Just Your Life’ – an eyeball
‘Cyanide’ – an ultrasound scan of a foetus
‘All Nightmare Long’ – a teenager curled up in bed, crying
‘The Day That Never Comes’ – the single artwork with the coffin in the man’s mouth

the day that never comes metallica death magnetic packshot artwork cover art thrash hits

‘Suicide and Redemption’ – cars on a highway
‘Broken, Beat and Scarred’ – sunbathers on a beach
‘The End Of The Line’ – a cow’s backside with the coffin over the tail
‘The Unforgiven III’ – someone sitting on a bench by the ocean
‘The Judas Kiss’ – a crowd shot at a concert looking into the light

What do you think about all of this? Is Death Magnetic a good title for a Metallica record? How much are you looking forward to hearing the album?



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