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October 3rd, 2008

Album: Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season

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Bring Me The Horizon
Suicide Season
Visible Noise
29 September 2008

by Ryan Williams

A lot has happened since 2006’s debut, Count Your Blessings, Bring Me The Horizon and little of it has helped people get away from the thinking that this band talks it better than they walk it.

A couple of listens of Suicide Season will change a lot of those belligerent minds. You won’t believe your ears.

Angry young man, Ollie Sykes’ vocals have developed dimensions as he switches from his trademark death growls to tantrum-level shrieks to angry Frank Carter-style yelping with ease. His perpetually changing attitude gives the music the diversity it deserves.

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Sadly, his lyrics are frequently of the cheap variety so while the power of the music might see you running to the nearest moshpit for a conscientious bout of furious windmilling, you won’t be able to sing along without slapping yourself in the forehead every couple of dull clichés.

Sykes has had much cause to grow up after courting piss and pissed-related controversy last year and he oh-so-tactfully mentions the incident in the stupendously-titled grindcore offering of ‘No Need for Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You on the Back of Toilet Doors’.

“And after everything you put me through, I should have fucking pissed on you!” Sykes yells. Quite.

Watch the video to ‘The Comedown’ by Bring Me The Horizon

It’s easy to focus on the obvious and the silly but there are some seriously strong developments to BMTH’s newly-matured music. The results are occasionally astounding.

The sloppy, chug-fuelled edges to their slightly contrived deathcore of yore have been polished and honed in Swedish forests into a masterfully chaotic concoction of snarling punk rock, huge hardcore breakdowns and very, very stylish metal riffing with a pasting of juddering Norma Jean-y electronics binding events. Frederick Nordström’s fantastic production doesn’t hurt either.

Suicide Season is as carefully constructed a musical melange as you’ll find amongst the heavy music spectrum in 2008. This could be the album to springboard the Sheffield oiks onto the next level. Watch out.


Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season tracklisting
The Comedown
Chelsea Smile
It Was Written In Blood
Death Breath
Football Season Is Over
Sleep With One Eye Open
Diamonds Aren’t Forever
Sadness Will Never End
No Need For Introductions I’ve Read About Girls Like You OnThe Backs Of Toilet Doors
Suicide Season



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