Thrash Hits

October 3rd, 2008

Album: The Berzerker – The Reawakening

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The Berzerker
The Reawakening
Berzerker Industries
8 September 2008

by Hugh Platt

The Berzerker don’t like you. They don’t like anything about you. They’d probably punch your Mum in the neck, given half the chance.

What The Berzerker does like, are bloody chunks of death metal, programmed industrial blast beats so dense that they wear live drummers down to smoking stumps, and samples reclaimed from medical documentaries made to sound far more sinister than was ever intended.

The Reawakening is The Berzerker stirring from their slumber, announcing their first release under their own Berzerker Industries label since leaving Earache. Even so, you still couldn’t say that they’re now off the leash – because they were never really on it to begin with.

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Sounding all the more like Atari Teenage Riot’s suffering from a hangover, The Reawakening is like scrubbing out your brain cavity with wire-wool.

The same niggles from previous albums remain – the programmed drums still lack the primal force of a live kit, sometimes sounding frustratingly baked-bean-tin-ish.

The band’s own extreme tenets mean they lack manoeuvring space. Having scorched a blackened furrow of enraged chaos they find precious little room to expand without compromising their self-set boundaries.

Watch the video to ‘No One Wins’ by The Berzerker

‘Your Final Seconds’ tries to adds a thrash-groove into the low-end rumble, but it feels forced compared to the rest of the record.

It is exhausting, almost traumatic, to listen to The Reawakening. Take ‘An Unforgettable Force’ – lethal injections of solid noise barrage, then an openly hostile breakdown that broods to become as menacing as a cyber Black Mass.

‘Spare Parts’ collides into you, like a train commandeered by a war criminal, bleeding from the eyes and high from sniffing diesel fumes.

You’ll be afraid of daylight when this record is done.


The Reawakening by The Berzerker is out now on Berzerker Industries