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December 18th, 2008

2008 into 2009: Gehenna 777

Oxford’s Gehenna VII VII VII (777, by the way) are a young metalcore band that is wholly indicative of the Home Counties ‘scene’ that the UK has cultivated over the past few years. Singer, David Pentz spills his guts on 2008.

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What was your highlight of 2008?
Joining forces with Basick Records – super happy with that! Touring was wicked. I also pissed on Tim’s (guitar) leg and did not tell him for three months. He wore the same pair of jeans the next day on tour as well. Sorry Timbo.

What’s the worst thing that happened to you in 2008?
Nothing really bad has happened for me to remember. I just try to be strong and use bad things as positives and live with it.

Who in 2008 deserves a good kicking?
Haha, this is the best question! I think John Travolta should get a kicking then we can have a face off? No one really – everyone’s just getting on with their ‘vibe’ so it’s all good. Just enjoy it!

Who had the best comeback: Metallica, AC/DC, or Guns N’ Roses?
That’s easy – AC/DC!

What are you most looking forward to in 2009?
I’m really looking forward to writing the album and touring like mad good times.

What band should everyone find out about in 2009?
Architects are gonna take over the world!

What do you want for Christmas?

Who do you want to get under the mistletoe?
My awesome girlfriend. Let’s get it ONNNN!

Where will you be on New Year’s Eve?
I am gonna be chilling and getting wrecked with friends and my family, listening to Buddy Holly and Shabba Ranks. BAMM!!!


Gehenna VII VII VII released their debut Guardians EP in September 2008 and will be touring the hell out of themselves in 2009.


AC/DC 13
G’n’R 5
‘Tallica 21


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