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December 5th, 2008

Gallows to name new album Grey Britain

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We heard down the pub that mighty English punks Gallows are set to name their forthcoming second album, Grey Britain.

This definitely would be a statement about how Britain is a bit vanilla, but Vanilla Britain sounds shit and it’s not a wicked play on words. You did get that, didn’t you. Great… Grey… No? Ok.

Frank Carter has also been seen onstage waggling a big monochrome Union Flag as well. It all makes sense.

Whilst everyone said that Gallows were, “awesome,” and others said they were, “dead good live, like,” a couple of years ago, this second album should give all the h8rz a chance to biff off about how much they actually hate them and how much they ‘sold out’ when they rinsed Warners of almost a million quid. Suckers.

This is a crap picture of a Gallows tshirt that says Grey Britain on it. Do you think it’s the album artwork? Do you? It’s almost certainly not.

gallows tshirt grey britain new album thrash hits

More to the point, do you reckon this is bollocks or true? After all, Gallows haven’t actually finished recording the damn thing yet.



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