Thrash Hits

December 6th, 2008

Photos: Finch @ London Astoria 2 – 25 November 2008

Finch Thrash Hits Randy Strohmeyer Nate Barcalow

Despite cancelling several dates on this tour due to both Nate Barcalow and Randy Strohmeyer getting Man ‘Flu on the tour, Finch definitely made it onstage in London as they headlined the Astoria 2.

Litigation issues and the fact they were cooped up in a van, making the spread of disease very easy aside, Randy and Nate were blatantly snogging! LOL et cetera!

Most interestingly, the Californian quintet were on absolute top form. They played songs from across their impressive catalogue and Barcalow almost looked pleased to be there.

While there had been reports from elsewhere in the country of lacklustre efforts from the crowd, there was no sign of that here. The moshpit was heaving and buoyant.

Finch @ London Astoria 2 photo gallery by Dan Griffiths



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