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January 13th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: 30 Seconds To Mars – New Album Title TBC

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30 Seconds To Mars
New Album Title TBC
Virgin Records
ETA April 2009

What they’re saying
Almost a year ago at the 2008 Guitar Center Drum Off, Shannon Leto said:

“[Jared Leto] has probably written twenty or thirty songs already. We’re always going to change, always going to grow, always going to evolve so it’s going to sound different from the last album. We always want to change. That’s important to us.”

A month ago, Jared told MTV that the band were in “good spirits” despite the $30million lawsuit against them from their record company and then harped on about the record:

“I think this record is about faith, about spiritual matters, and that just happens to be what we’re thinking about and talking about in our lives right now. I said when the last album came out that I wanted to destroy the first record, which I think we did. We took a dramatic turn from the first to the second, and I think this new record follows that path.”

Thrash Hits verdict
Assuming Jared has been down the gym since porking up and slimming down (pictured below) for his role as John Lennon killer, Mark David Chapman in biopic, Chapter 27, this album will further help 30STM to conquer the world. Their legions of fans across the globe will probably form a government and first depose Obama and then take over the world. Or they’ll buy another tshirt. Whatever.

jared leto 30 seconds to mars mark david chapman chapter 27


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