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January 9th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals

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Young Cardinals
ETA May 2009

What they’re saying
Alexisonfire are entering the studio on 01 February 2009 and, according to management and Wade MacNeil, have at least 10 songs prepped and ready for recording.

Warped Tour 2009 kicks off on 26 June 2009 so the estimated release date of May 2009 seems perfectly reasonable.

AOF spoke to The London Free Press and said the following

Fans have a chance to hear Alexisonfire on the boundary of a “new, weird” stuff. Alexisonfire is really heavy and that’s what we love about it. But I’ve got a bunch of new ideas that I think will fit with us that are a lot different. I kind of want to try and make these slower songs I’ve written seem really heavy atmospherically. On our last album, I never would have thought to try that because the record was so aggressive, but I’m going to try and take us into some new, weird territories.

Singer, George Pettit said this about the origins of the title:

I was writing and watching the news while America had its flooding, massive wildfires and it was just a terrible moment on the television. I ended up on my balcony where there is this big cherry tree in the yard with all these cardinals in it. It just kind of summed up a day that was filled with turmoil because nature is still completely oblivious to all of our hardships. The sentiment of it was that life is as equally terrifying and horrible as it is its beautiful and wondrous. That’s where it came from and I don’t know if it makes any sense.

Thrash Hits verdict
At least this means that Alexisonfire are not splitting up in favour of lots and lots of solo projects. The Canadians had a lot of success in the UK with Crisis and they’ll be sure to be able to build on that with Young Cardinals, especially if they’re pushing their own sonic boundaries. They’ve all been away with their other projects so there should be some rather interesting influences being brought in. This could be one of the more exciting records of 2009.


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