Thrash Hits

January 9th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: Caliban – Say Hello To Tragedy

caliban band promo thrash hits roadrunner records

Say Hello To Tragedy
Roadrunner Records
ETA April 2009

What they’re saying
A blog entry from one of Caliban on the band’s Myspace says:

If you thought The Awakening was heavier than the other albums we released before, then wait until you hear the new one! The mood of the album will generally be a bit darker, and more sombre as the album title might let you suggest.

Thrash Hits verdict
Whether the metalcore pioneers can keep up with the current batch of modern hardcore bands is questionable but the Germans always make sure that they have a good stab at it and their fanbase will be satisfied. You can be guaranteed that they will still be incredible live.



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