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January 9th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: Deftones – Eros

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Warner Brothers
ETA Spring 2009

What they’re saying

A year ago, in January 2008, Chino Moreno told Kerrang!:

The songs are definitely weird, which is a breath of fresh air to me… I want the album to be as weird as we can possibly make it without completely alienating people. If I had to compare it to any of our records, then I think it probably reminds me of White Pony the most. There’s a lot of atmosphere and a lot of soundscaping. I couldn’t feel better about it at the moment.

Thrash Hits verdict
Due to Chi Cheng’s road accident everything has understandably been put on the back-burner as far as Eros is concerned but after the triumphant return of 2006’s Saturday Night Wrist and Moreno’s likening of the new material to the majestic White Pony, we’re very much looking forward to another great record. Deftones have never completely disappointed – even 2003’s self-titled effort was alright – so as soon as Chi Cheng is out of his coma and back on his feet, this record’s gonna get a big push.

Deftones – Eros rumoured tracklisting



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