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January 11th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: Megadeth – New Album Title TBC

Megadeth Thrash Hits

New Album Title TBC
Roadrunner Records
ETA Late Spring 2009

What they’re saying
Never one to keep his mouth shut, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has been happy to sound off about the band’s forthcoming album:

I have five of the nine that appear to be mine completely written and arranged. There are two more that are [Shawn Drover, drummer]’s, and James {LoMenzo, bassist]has a potential part for a song, as well as Chris [Broderick, guitarist].  I can without a doubt say that there is a song on here that is somewhat like ‘Poison Was The Cure’. There seems to be a ‘color’ around this song that is reminiscent of the flair and energy from that period. This color is evident on several songs.

I am not saying that this is Rust In Peace 2! But I can say that the five out of nine songs I have arranged, I like and love them all, and every one of the songs has one or more of the strong points of me as a guitarist being showcased instead of me writing songs for radio — radio that won’t play us anyway. This is really going to be a record that will make a lot of people that thought we couldn’t do it anymore sit up and take notice.

Thrash Hits verdict
Well, we kinda DO hope this sounds like Rust In Peace 2. Working again with producer Andy Sneap (who’s previously handled production duties for such luminaries as Machine Head, Arch Enemy, and Megadeth themselves for 2007’s United Abominations), Megadeth are threatening to remind everyone as to why they’re one of The Big Four. February’s Priest Feast Tour is looking like a better ticket all the time.



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