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January 15th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: My Chemical Romance – Album Title TBC

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance
New Album Title TBC
Reprise Records
ETA Late 2009

What they’re saying
After conquering most of the globe in 2007, My Chemical Romance took it easy in 2008. Guitarist, Frank Iero, has been talking to Kerrang! about getting back in the emo-saddle:

If I had told you what I thought The Black Parade would have sounded like when we first started working on it, then what I would have said would be something completely different from the way it turned out. Basically, anything that I say now means that the exact opposite will actually happen!

A year ago, frontman Gerard Way promised a return to the bands’ stripped-down, punk-rock roots for the follow up to The Black Parade. But in the light of Iero’s recent comments, who other than the band really knows?

Thrash Hits verdict
With legions of devoted fans desperate for new MCR material, it can’t fail, can it? Go ask Fred Durst if worldwide success guarantees your next album will be a hit. MCR need this album to ensure sure those hordes of teenagers in eyeliner are in for the long-haul, rather than a flash-flood of trend-followers.

Will Gerard Way’s impending fatherhood impact on his teen-transfixing lyrics? Will Frank Iero’s Leathermouth side-project drains those gutter-punk sensibilities of his, that might’ve been channeled into the garage-rock sound hinted at by Way? With no hint of a recording schedule, the band having confirmed nothing other than that they’re planning on starting writing again soon, means we’ll just have to wait.


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