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January 11th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: Paramore – TBC

Paramore Thrash Hits

New Album Title TBC
Fueled By Ramen
ETA Later Summer 2009

What they’re saying
While Paramore have yet to get into the studio to start work on their third record, that hasn’t stopped guitarist Josh Farro from talking to Rock Sound about the band’s plans for it:

None of the songs are finished, but we do have some ideas here and there. We have anywhere from eight to 10 musical ideas. They’re all pretty much just music; I think Hayley’s got some lyrics somewhere and bits of melody that she sings along to whenever we’re sound-checking a song. I think there’s gonna be more of a dynamic on this record than the last one, the last one was pretty straightforward the whole time. We wanna try and expand and try different genres of music in a way that still keeps it Paramore. It’ll be a tricky one, but I think we’ve got some really cool songs, like we’ve got an acoustic song that Taylor [York, rhythm guitarist] and I wrote and it doesn’t sound anything like Paramore, but I think that’s kinda good.

He’s also been spouting off to Kerrang! about it:

The heavier songs are a lot heavier, and the more mellow songs are a lot more mellow. There may end up being a song or two like [‘Decode’] on the new record, but I think that’s as heavy as we’re likely to go.

Thrash Hits verdict
It will take nothing short of a disaster for the new Paramore record to not catapult the Tennessee four-piece from their already-impressive Platinum-selling status, into the hallowed realms of pure megastardom. In frontwoman, Hayley Williams, they have a singer who can show her critics the finger as well as she can sing. Couple that with the recent ‘Decode’ , and you’ve got a band that can plant one foot into mainstream rock while keeping the other firmly in the sound that won them legions of fans in the first place. It’s hard not to see 2009 being a killer year for Paramore.



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