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January 11th, 2009

2009 Album Preview: Sepultura – A-Lex

Sepultura Thrash Hits

26 January 2009

What they’re saying
As with their previous, Divine Comedy-inspired Dante XXI, Sepultura have written a concept album around a book – this time though it’s about something a bit more modern though, Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange.

Frontman Derrick Green has been talking about A-Lex:

Primarily the book is about young 15 year old Alex’s fight for freewill.
The first 4 songs represent Alex’s rebellious, angry, chaotic phase
in his life. The songs are aggressive and straight forward in your
face. The next 5 songs represent the incarceration phase of Alex.
The songs take a change and become more robotic in way
like prison conforms people to a type of routine. Part 3 is when Alex
is released after being forced rehabilitated by the state. We want the
music to represent the revenge that was coming back to Alex.

The songs become a little faster and fiercer. Beethoven was the one
thingthat Alex truly loved and we had to have this also be a part of
this album but along with out style of music. The last song is straight
to the point and brutal because at this point Alex has his free will
back again. He decides on his own to make a better life for himself.

Thrash Hits verdict
Following Iggor Cavalera’s departure in 2006, A-Lex will be the first Cavalera-less album in Sepultura’s 25 year career. As such, it looks set to very much be a make-or-break album for the Brazilians. With their popularity waning in the last few years, it can’t have been easy for them to witness the plaudits – and sales – clocked up by the re-united Cavalera brothers in Cavalera Conspiracy. If A-Lex tanks then this might be the last we see of this once-great band.

Sepultura A-Lex artwork Thrash Hits

A-Lex tracklisting
A-Lex I
Moloko Mesto
Filthy Rot
We’ve Lost You
What I Do!
A-Lex II
The Treatment
Sadistic Values
Forceful Behavior
The Experiment
Enough Said
Ludwig Van
A-Lex IV



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