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January 13th, 2009

Album: The Devil’s Blood – Come, Reap

the devils blood thrash hits

The Devil’s Blood
Come, Reap
Van Records
10 November 2008

by Jerry Ewing

Heavy metal, horror and the occult have walked hand in hand since the first notes of Black Sabbath’s debut cranked out of whatever archaic stereograms were the order of the day back in 1970. And not much has changed some 40 years down the line.

Much like San Francisco’s intriguingly similar Blood Ceremony (signed to Rise Above – check ’em out) and Canada’s Jex Thoth, this engaging Dutch outfit seem to have everything going for them when it comes to scaring the bejesus out of everyone, from suitably Satanic pseudonyms to blood-spattered guitarists on stage.

the devils blood thrash hits come reap album artwork

What is intriguing is that the music veers away from the demonically heavy approach of your average death metal outfit, instead marrying black metal themes with doom-laden folk and prog rock. The engaging female vocals add further dimension to the hypnotically enthralling ‘River Of Gold’ and the title track.

In truth it’s perhaps more Black Widow and Coven (two diehard occult acts from the ’70s) than the more sixth form Hammer Horror/Dennis Wheatley approach of Ozzy and co, both in terms of sonic delivery and claimed belief systems. But even if you don’t give a tinker’s cuss for ideas and beliefs about things that might go bump in the night, there’s no denying the inherent charm of the progressive tour de force that is ‘The Heaven’s Cry Out For The Devil’s Blood’. One listen and you’ll be caught in their spell.


The Devil’s Blood – Come, Reap tracklisting
Come, Reap
River Of Gold
The Heaven’s Cry Out For Devil’s Blood
White Faces
Voodoo Dust



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