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January 14th, 2009

Future Hits 008: Deaf Havana

They say there’s nothing else to do in the provinces but get good at guitar. It’s what Deaf Havana have done. Now they’re going on tour with some other hot, young British rock bands. We had a chat with vocalist Ryan Mellor.

deaf havana thrash hits cornfield

From: Norfolk, UK
Sounds like: Gallows, Alexisonfire, Ghost of a Thousand

How did you meet?
“We all met through school and college. Myself, James (guitar/vocals) and Lee (bass) were in a band through high school playing punk and metal tunes like Poison The Well and Killswitch Engage. When I went to college I met Chris (guitar) and Tom (drums) and I just said, “Hey, I know these dudes who are great. Let’s start a band!” And here we are.”

What made you want to start a band?
“As far as I can remember I wanted to be in a band! I had a freaking Guns N’ Roses birthday cake for my third birthday, and the t-shirt as well actually, so I think it was always gonna happen. But when I saw Finch support New Found Glory years ago that’s when I wanted to start a screamo/hardcore kind of band. I’d never heard music like that before until then, and I just thought it was the most energetic thing on earth!”

Your MySpace says you’re from King’s Lynn. What was it like growing up there?
“Haha if only I grew up in Kings Lynn. We say we’re from there because it’s the only place someone may have heard of and we live around it. We all grew up in small villages in the countryside near the coast. Not a lot going on so you start learning instruments and forming bands. Either that or you start smoking weed, drinking, and hanging out by the beach! Some of us just did both haha!”

Those two hometown gigs you’re playing show you’ve already built a fanbase. How is it elsewhere in the UK?
“It’s getting there. These things take time, obviously, but we’ve only just started getting properly on the map with interviews, magazines and people talking about us. Also with only releasing an EP so far, things are going real good. We see an improvement every time we visit a town, and that shows we must be doing something right! And Norfolk kids know how to freaking party!”

With which band would your dream support slot be?
“Well everyone has that one band that they’re, like, in love with for life. Mine’s Silverchair, so that would be amazing, but Daniel Johns (Silverchair vocalist) is the only person I’m scared of meeting in case he’s a dick. I’m sure he’s not, but if he was it would really piss me off!”

How have you prepared for your mammoth tour with We Are The Ocean?
“Preparation?! We’re not really a preparation kind of band. We like to just let things happen at shows so we never practice, like, ever! In all honestly we’ve had three or four full band practices in the last year and that isn’t a lie! Hopefully you can’t tell. We just play so many shows I think we just learn from each other that way, but we’ll probably have one before we go on tour, come up with some little hand-clappy bits, that’s what all the cool bands do isn’t it!? It’s going to be a fairly long tour with our headline dates after it! Although it’s one of the longest, we toured the whole of the summer just gone which was killer! Stank like shit!”

The chances are that as Deaf Havana are touring the UK until the end of April 2009, they’ll be playing near you at some point. Check out for the full list of tourdates.


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