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February 3rd, 2009

Album: Napalm Death – Time Waits For No Slave

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Napalm Death
Time Waits For No Slave
Century Media
02 February 2009

by Jerry Ewing

If you’ve ever fancied taking some junior metalhead upstart down a peg or two, and let’s face it, which of us hasn’t, next time try this for size. Blindfold the whippersnapper, sit them in the middle of an empty room and proceed to play the whole of Time Waits For No Slave to them at ear-bleeding volume through headphones.

Then stand back and marvel as their body and mind cave in, leaving nothing more than a gibbering pile of foul-smelling effluent. For make no bones about it, this is an album to be reckoned with.

napalm death time waits for no slave century media thrash hits cover

Sixteen studio albums down the line and Napalm Death show no sign of wear, tear, ageing or any desire to take things easy. This set of 14 slabs of earth-shatteringly molten, metallic grindcore is as powerful, important and relevant today as From Enslavement To Obliteration was to the Lee Dorrian era and as Fear Emptiness Despair was to attaining the deserved acceptance of his replacement Barney Greenway.

It is a relentless yet hugely enjoyable ride from start to finish that manages the sometimes astonishing feat of marrying its pile driving power surge with its ability to hold the listener locked mesmerically to the music astonishing drive.

Watch the 2006 video for ‘When All Is Said And Done’ by Napalm Death

There’s the odd surprise too, not least in the almost catchy chorus, sung by the entire band, to the emphatic title track and Mitch Harris’ always impressive, spiralling, melodic guitars on ‘Procrastination On The Empty Vessel’. But not so much, one feels, that long-time fans will be shaking their heads quizzically. Rather banging them dementedly delirious-like to the frenetic intensity of the likes of ‘Life And Limb’ or ‘Feeling Redundant’. Or indeed any of the 14 tracks of this masterclass of extreme excellence on display. For this is without a doubt Napalm’s finest album of the decade. Perhaps the finest of their long and distinguished career.


Napalm Death – Time Waits For No Slave tracklisting
Work To Rule
The Brink Of Extinction
Time Waits For No Slave
Life And Limb
Downbeat Clique
Fallacy Domination
Passive Tense
Larceny Of The Heart
Procrastination On The Empty Vessel
Feeling Redundant
A No-Sided Argument
De-evolution Ad Nauseum



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