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February 24th, 2009

Album: Psyopus – Odd Senses

psyopus metal blade 2009 thrash hits

Odd Senses
Metal Blade Records
16 February 2009

by Luke Morton

It can’t be easy being both ridiculously technical and brutally heavy but Psyopus have it down to a tee. Sounding like a mixture of Graf Orlock and Fall Of Troy, new album Odd Senses delivers a hefty musical punch.

Built around mind-bending time signatures and the chaotic noise it creates, Odd Senses is the third album from the New York noiseniks. The vocals fuelled with raw aggression and anger act as a catalyst in this onslaught of savage grinding metal.

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‘The Burning Halo’ and ‘Duct Tape Smile’ both incorporate the technicality of Psyopus‘ music but also the emotion of the vocals, seamlessly changing from high pitched screaming to guttural growls.

‘Choker Chain’ is the most ruthless song on the album, reminiscent of the harder, faster moments of Blood Brothers, it feels like your brain has imploded from the sheer ferocity of the music.

Watch the video to ‘The Burning Halo’ by Psyopus

There are a few dud tracks on the album, namely the last two. ‘A Murder To Child’ is an instrumental on classical instruments which acts as a slight ego boost for the band, flailing their technical ability on violins as well as guitars. The last track, ‘Untitled’, is 20 minutes of random skits interspersed with music. Sounds promising, but far too long.

Despite this, Odd Senses is a fantastic metal album which needs to be listened to. The speed and the technicality alone leave you in awe of Psyopus’ musical ability. Bring on album number four!


Psyopus – Odd Senses tracklisting
The Burning Halo
Duct Tape Smile
X and Y
Imogen’s Puzzle Pt 3
Choker Chain
Ms Shyflower
A Murder To Child



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