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February 16th, 2009

Album: Wolf – Ravenous

wolf 2008 thrash hits band century media

The Wolf
Century Media
23 February 2009

by Luke Morton

Sounding like an Iron Maiden tribute band, this album isn’t what I was expecting from Wolf at all. Having the musical ability that they do I was hoping for something much more mind blowing, instead I was force-fed gang vocals, elongated solos and unoriginal music.

wolf ravenous century media thrash hits album artwork cover

The album itself is a good album, all the elements are there for what is a true heavy metal classic. However you can’t get over the fact you should be listening to Bruce Dickinson and his chums instead – they pull it off much better.

There are a few good songs throughout Ravenous. ‘Hail Caesar’ is a definite gem – despite being slightly clichéd, the chorus does become drilled into your head. ‘Curse You Salem’ is another great song, the guitar work makes this song what it is (especially with the baby-making solo).

Watch the video to ‘Voodoo’ by Wolf

The album though does feature a few bad tracks, mainly the latter part of the album. ‘Hiding In Shadows’ brings nothing new to the table at all, whereas ‘Blood Angel’ seems to have been added to make up time.

Ravenous is basically a good heavy metal album, but in the wrong era. Were it released in the early ’80s then I’m sure it would have been a huge success, sadly this is 2009 and Wolf have bitten off more than they could chew with this release, as it adds nothing new to the world of metal. It’s not necessarily a bad album, it has just been done before – many times.


Wolf – Ravenous tracklisting
Speed On
Curse You Salem
Hail Caesar
Mr Twisted
Love At First Bite
Secrets We Keep
Whisky Psycho Hellions
Hiding In Shadows
Blood Angel



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