Thrash Hits

February 5th, 2009

YouTube LOL: Linkin Park go to Jerry Jackson’s house

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One day, many moons ago we were hanging out with some very cool heavy metalling friends and we went on the internet. One of them showed us this video tribute to Linkin Park going round Jerry Jackson’s house. It is still funny.

Classic quotes:

“Sometimes I think I am the only person who listens to the songs deeply. I think other people do too.”

“One day I was at school and my friend John said I had big eyes and it made me really sad so I came home and I listened to my Linkin Park CDs. It made me feel better.”

“John, what is your favourite telly show on… telly?”

One day soon, there will be a real-life video of Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe going round someone’s house and cooking some meaty snacks on a grill. We hope.

Watch the video account of ‘Linkin Park Came To My House’ by Jerry Jackson



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