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February 24th, 2009

Happy Heavy Metal Pancake Day

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009 is Pancake Day. Some people call it Shrove Tuesday, but we think putting the emphasis onto the pancakes is much more important than being vaguely religious.

You’ve probably cottoned onto this by now, but here at Thrash Hits, we love pancakes. We also love heavy metal. Therefore, heavy metal pancakes must be fucking amazing. We would definitely shag eat a heavy metal pancake.

Seeing as there is a brilliantly-named band already, we thought we’d find some nice filling combinations for you so that you too can indulge in eating some heavy metal pancakes!

Visit the Pancake Appreciation Society for a recipe for the perfect sweet pancake or go here for a savoury pancake and then get a load of these…

Heavy Metal Pancake fillings courtesy of Thrash Hits

(Melt) Banana & (Pearl) Jam – great, except pearl jam is spunk
(Limp) Biscuits & Sugar (Ray) – not seen since the ’90s

Kid Roquefort & Ultimate Spinach – a real band
Bruce Springonionsteens – admittedly, a stretch
Lamb Of God & Red Hot Chili Peppers – could work on a BBQ too
Mushroom(head) & sweetKorn – quite pleased with this one
Smashing Pumpkins pancakes with cinnamon, nutmeg and Ginger from The Wildhearts

Alternatively, your pancakes could be made of Polenta (Shikari). Or they could not. Whatever.

FYI: we’re giving up heavy metal for Lent. (Not really).


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