Thrash Hits

February 8th, 2009

Sonisphere Festival to be announced at midnight

linkin park promo photo thrash hits

We were having a look on and they’ve got an event with Metallica and Linkin Park headlining with Lamb Of God and Mastodon playing too. It is called Sonisphere and there’s only a bloody website link as well!

There’s only a single splash page of some clouds curving round what is probably a globe (sphere) at with a timer counting down to 0 at midnight 09 February 2009 and the pretty poorly grammatised, open-ended sentence, “Coming soon to your world…”

Is it aliens? Is it an announcement for Sonisphere at Knebworth and, judging by the use of the word ‘festivals’ in the URL, a lot of other venues around Europe? We reckon so.



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