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February 18th, 2009

Thrash Hits TV: SpineFeast at Sea 2009 – part 2

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Following on from part 1, here is the second part of Thrash Hits TV’s big trip to Finland where we ran around on a boat with 1,500 metallers and watched eight heavy metal bands brought to you by the mighty Spinefarm Records.

Did you know that there are over 188,000 lakes in Finland? It’s true. The largest one is 1.377 sq km and is called Saimaa. It also rains for 121 days of the year, which explains the huge amount of lakes they’ve got. They’re probably just massive puddles really.

While part 1 included arse polishing and heavy metal holidays, the next installment broaches the difficult topics of being too drunk to remember a question asked mere second ago and also how the captain of the ship, might just grab his booze if the ship’s sinking.

It was far too late and drunk to be talking about the Credit Crunch, France people or drunkers and let’s just gloss over the bit about blowjob lips…

Watch Thrash Hits @ SpineFeast at Sea 2009 – part 2

Don’t forget, you can win an awesome Spinefarm Records goody bag. There’s a couple of Thrash Hits badges in there as well. Did that put you off?