Thrash Hits

February 12th, 2009

Thrash Hits TV: SpineFeast at Sea 2009

moonsorrow spinefarm records thrash hits 2009

Spinefarm Records are more metal than you. Hell, they’re even more metal than Thrash Hits – and that’s not something we give away lightly – so when they asked us if we wanted to go to Helsinki, Finland and then get on a boat and watch loads of heavy metal, we accepted.

It really shouldn’t be a good idea to put 1,500 heavy metallers, eight bands and millions of gallons of booze and Thrash Hits on a ten-deck ferry and then set sail across the Baltic Sea for Tallinn, Estonia but it worked for us.

The most obvious thing happened. We got drunk and saw loads of bands. (Moonsorrow, Rotten Sound, Metsätöll, Entwine, Kiuas, Kalmah, Celesty and Deathlike Silence). We chatted to those bands and it was pretty cool though because even though we were drunk, the bands were much drunker.

Luckily, we had a video camera meaning that all claims of arse polishing, metal holidays, getting thrown overboard, eating porridge and working out were all captured in a glorious technicolour. Uh oh…

Watch Thrash Hits @ SpineFeast at Sea 2009

Don’t forget, you can win an awesome Spinefarm Records goody bag. There’s a bloody frisbee in there!