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March 27th, 2009

Album: In This Moment – The Dream

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In This Moment
The Dream
Century Media
13 April 2009

by Luke Morton

Female fronted metal has had its ups and downs over the years, some bands have flourished and been embraced by metal fans the world over whereas some have had to flee the scene as soon as they’d entered it. In This Moment should be that band, the band that could have quite easily been shunned by the rock community and left to rot in a bargain bin somewhere, luckily this didn’t happen.

The LA rockers are back with their second album entitled The Dream which has taken a less heavy approach to music unlike debut album Beautiful Tragedy. Fronted by Maria Brink, the vocal range throughout the album is simply outstanding. An array of styles fused together into a very catchy listen. Whether it’s Brink’s soft delicate singing or her savage screaming you can’t help but be hooked into her emotions felt in each track.

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There are a wide number of catchy tunes on the album, the best of which is possibly ‘Forever’. The chirpy, light-hearted overtones somehow work well with the heavy metal riffs in the background. It’s hard to put your finger on, but there’s something very good about the sound. Another song which grows on you is ‘All For You’ which features chugging riffs and some fast punk-esque drumming with Brink’s voice dominating the entire piece and making it sound like something new and original. Sadly it is slightly reminiscent of Evanescence, but much much better.

The album isn’t all the same style of song though, ‘Into The Light’ is a great break between the faster, heavier side of the album. Many metalcore artists these days throw in a slow song to show off their acoustic skills or vocal ability, but this is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Conversely Brink steps as far away from this style as possible with the track ‘The Great Divide’ which is heavily focused on her screaming throughout the verses and singing in the chorus.

Watch the video to ‘Forever’ by In This Moment

The Dream does feature a few less-than-good tracks, primarily toward the end of the album. ‘Violet Skies’ and ‘Sailing Away’ are prime examples of this. Both songs add nothing new to album at all, sounding almost exactly like the rest of the album and showing very little originality. This sadly hinders the album’s effect overall, the obvious change in quality ruins what should be a great album. The cover of Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ is a nice touch though, the metal edge put on the song brings this version into it’s own quite nicely.

The album though is still a great example of female-fronted metal, despite the odd bum track. The formula to which In This Moment work to with their songs is almost flawless; songs are catchy, fun and filled with passion and emotion. Hopefully this is a sign of change for women in metal, hopefully.

Sounds Like: The Agonist, Evanescence, Atreyu with a female singer
Top Tracks: Forever, All Of You, Her Kiss


In This Moment – The Dream tracklisting
The Rabbit Hole
All for You
Lost at Sea
Mechanical Love
Her Kiss
Into the Light
You Always Believed
The Great Divide
Violet Skies
The Dream
Call Me
Dying Star
Sailing Away



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