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March 23rd, 2009

Amon Amarth keep it very, very Viking with video to ‘Guardians Of Asgaard’

amon amarth Johan Hegg thrash hits band promo photo

There must be something in the heavy metal water of late but after Mastodon’s effort with ‘Divinations’, Amon Amarth are the second awesome bunch of hairy metallers to release a cool video featuring loads of beards and snow with their new video to ‘Guardians Of Asgaard’.

Featuring legendary Swedish vocalist, Lars Göran “LG” Petrov the video sees the Viking troupe riffing away in a fiery cave or something while one dude plodds through dramatic, snowy mountainsides and another rides dramatically through the snow on a horse. He’s got a flag.

Fighting with swords, axes and shields aside, there’s a massive hammer as well. Trve Viking.

Watch the video to ‘Guardians Of Asgaard’ by Amon Amarth

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