Thrash Hits

March 26th, 2009

Entire Black Sabbath goes digital

It’s not often we get excited/interested in re-releases and stuff like that. Nine times out of ten it’s just people making a song and dance about records you should already own. Even less exciting is the news that so-and-so band has just had all their songs put up on iTunes and all the other legal download shops. It makes me sleepy just typing about it.

For Black Sabbath though, we make an exception.

Once you forget the tawdry parody that Ozzy has become, and concentrate instead on the fact that this is one of the bands that helped to bleeding well invent heavy metal, it frees you up to remember just how good their back catalogue actually is. Okay, maybe not Seventh Son.

Watch the original video to ‘Black Sabbath’ by…erm…Black Sabbath

Good, isn’t it? From March 30, you’ll be able to get 18 various Sabbath albums from your digital service of choice – iTunes, MP3, Tesco Digital, 7 Digital,,,, Spotify, Napster or We7. Blimey.



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