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March 12th, 2009

Future Hits 015: BM LINX

Psychedelic indie rock ‘n’ rollers BM LINX have been wowing people with their dark electronic rock over in the US for the past couple of years. Now, it’s time for the UK to stand up and take note.

bm linx thrash hits band promo photo

From: New York, USA
Sounds like: Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Jean Michel Jarre

How did you meet?
Andrew (Griff)iths (drums): “First time I met Tony was in a bar in the East Village on New Years Eve. Tony got thrown out for fighting. First time I met Jon was in a candleshop in the West Village. He was dressed as Ziggy Stardust.”
Tony Diodore (guitar/vocals): “First time I saw Griff he was playing in a metal band called Satanicide.”

What made you want to start BM LINX?
Tony: “I had a bunch of gear just sitting there…”

Where did the name come from?
Tony: “A friend’s car in high school was a Mercury Linx (cloned Ford Escort) with a BMW badge on the hood. He called it the BM LINX. He does a lot of our art and lives out in Seattle now. We used to tear shit up in that thing. Not a nice ride but you can’t have that kind of fun if you’re worried about crashing.”

What records do you think you’ve listened to the most in your life?
Tony: “And Justice For All”
Griff: “Led Zeppelin II”
Jon Murray (guitar): “License to Ill”

Which band would you love to support?
Tony: “Kasabian”
Jon: “NIN
Griff: “Prodigy

Watch the video to ‘Kids On Fire’ by BM LINX

What’s your favourite thing about prog rock?
Tony: “I like that it takes it’s time.”
Griff: “Tom Sawyer.”

What’s the best show you’ve played?
Tony: “We played in a reggaeton club in Puerto Rico. They weren’t down… Maybe the best show was our showcase at SXSW in ‘07. The place was deserted when we started but it filled up to capacity during our first song. The stage was outside under a tent and it was St. Patrick’s Day as well so the streets were just mobbed. When we got to the last song the promoter for the venue brought over a sign that said ‘KEEP PLAYING’. We didn’t.”

How many guitar pedals do you use, which one’s your favourite and why?
Tony: “I use three – a Black Finger, a Big Muff and a tuner. My favourite is the Black Finger ‘cause it tubes up my Fender amp into a beast. Kinda noisy but for live it works.”
Jon: “I use an Electro Harmonics Soul Preacher compressor. It smooths out the attack of the bass and gives it great sustain to blend with the synths.”

How do you feel technology has affected the way you play your music?
Tony: “Deeply. All the music starts out in my little closet studio. I use Digital Performer to sequence electronic elements, and with Black Entertainment we were able to take these parts into a proper studio and record over them. I still do all the vocals at my apartment. My neighbours are cool…. For live we take the sequenced elements and run them along with the show. We try to keep it as simple as possible.”

Tell us a joke.
Tony: “Hell with jokes, check this fucking shit out…”


BM LINX release their new album, Black Entertainment on 13 April 2009 via Craze Factory



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