Thrash Hits

March 22nd, 2009

Future Hits 017: The Bulletmonks

The classic rock comeback is in full swing – and why should Black Stone Cherry be the only new guys to cash in? Tyler Voxx from The Bulletmonks chatted to us about having a brother called ‘Dangerous Dan’ and going to bed with Slayer.

From: Nuremburg, Germany
Sounds like: Led Zeppelin, The Answer, the fumes from empty bottles of Jack Daniels

How did you meet?
We all grew up in this boring, dead part of a Nuremburg suburb, so the pool of musicians with a dedication and passion for playing rock’n’roll was rather small. Our drummer and I got together in 2004 and we were joined by my brother Dangerous Dan on the day I realized he had surpassed my guitar skills by miles! Spreace Jackson, our bass player joined us three years ago. We were all friends before we started making music together – that really makes life easy. No ego bullshit, everyone knows their spot and we can focus on music.

What made you want to start a band?
Our neighbour is a fucking cool rock n roll dinosaur who loves music and really collects everything, so from when we were about 12 years old we would be over at his house listening to Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Maiden, Hell I think about everything that rocks! I can’t remember ever having wanted to do anything else. The master plan is to work on the band and dedicate every second that we can into it – everything else is only plan B.

What are your musical influences?
Our big time idols are the great Led Zeppelin. I think that seeing they defined rock so massively them being our biggest icons makes sense. The great part about this band is that we are all so open minded about music. We can listen to Mr. Bungle in the morning, enjoy Arthur Lee for lunch, and go to bed with Slayer. Clutch are a great and very underrated band which I enjoy very much, and Iron Maiden are big faves of mine too.

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
In Germany the press says it’s Gluecifer and Volbeat, which my partly be true, but for me the most important part is simply being a rock band. I think literally any band that’s Rock n Roll is part of our scene.

Your album art has a slug-tank on it. What’s that all about?
Our lyrics are very critical of our society. In songs like ‘Under The Black Sun’, I sing about raping our planet and how the majority of the people are just out to make money, and songs like ‘Tentacle’ or ‘We’re All Fucked’ are about politicians deciding to go to war, and taking our money and freedom without fucking asking. The slug-tank is an ironic picture which expresses things like nature, our world waiting to get revenge, to fight back, and at the same time it tells you that the slugs were about the most dangerous thing in Iraq while a certain politician was looking for weapons of mass destruction there. It leaves a lot of room for individual interpretations I reckon…

What’s the best or funniest show you’ve ever played?
We had to back to back shows last year, which featured stunts we never wanted to happen. On the first one, Dangerous Dan crashed off the stage while he was in his solo rush. I was running around on stage rocking, and when I turned back to the crowd he was gone! The next thing I see is the fans in the first row picking him up, because he hadn’t stop playing. After I’d made fun of him the whole night, during the next day’s show I crashed into the backline and the fans rushed the stage and helped me up too. That was real fun, because our fans, that we really, really love had a great laugh with us all along the way.

What have you got planned for the future?
Seeing it took a long time for this album to make it to the worldwide market, we can’t wait for the next one. We are actually already writing lots and lots of new material right now, so I can’t wait to find out myself how we have progressed.

More important though is to play even more concerts. Playing live, partying with the fans is the greatest thing on earth! Even sex is better if you’re in a rock n roll situation!

What other new band should everyone find out about?
I really dig The Answer. But I think you guys know them better by now than the Krauts!


Weapons of Mass Destruction by The Bulletmonks is out on Napalm Records on April 07. If yu can’t wait that long, you buy the whole thing as a download from March 27.