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March 31st, 2009

Future Hits 020: The Modern Age Slavery

From: Bologna, Italy
Sounds like: The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence.

Deathcore gets a bad rap from the self-appointed dictators of tr00, but that’s not going to stop us talking to Italian mob The Modern Age Slavery.

Some of the band knew each other from a former band, but how did you meet the other guys in the band?
Four out of five of us were playing together in Browbeat for a long time. However, we can say that The Modern Age Slavery was born officially in November 2007, when Luca Cocconi [guitarist] and me met Simone “Sym” Bertozzi [guitarist] at a concert where Red Chord, Job for a Cowboy and Black Dahlia Murder were playing. Cocco told me that Sym would have been just perfect for our new project but I wasn’t so sure he would have joined the band… at that time we didn’t have much to offer and he was already involved in other projects. Well… we said: let’s try just once to see if we got the right vibes to play together. We tried, it’s been great, we formed a family! That’s it!

The band sounds so much heavier than Browbeat – what prompted this change in direction?
We were inclined to this kind of sound even during the last months of that band. We just followed what was in the air within our rehearsal room: the will to evolve. The direction of that evolution has been dictated by our heart and rage. The word “rage” really is a stereotype, but it is as simple as this: we were going through a tough period, we were angry, we wanted to play damn extreme music.

What was it like growing up in Italy? Does it have a good scene?
Italy is an amazing country, full of beauty and contradictions. Being born here makes you strong towards the shit that happens every day, but makes you weak towards the consciousness of what you can really do with your life. The metal scene is not that good, it’s true…still, I wouldn’t be so negative. Bands like Rhapsody of Fire or Lacuna Coil are gaining worldwide attention. Nevertheless, usually every metal band prefers to be produced and promoted by a foreign label, because that gives you more visibility and makes you more credible towards the European scene. We’ve been lucky with Napalm Records – both professionally and from a human standpoint.

What were your musical influences when writing the album?
As a singer, I have to say that I am strongly-bonded to the metal scene from the 90s. On the other hand, when writing the lyrics and when singing on stage, I can’t say I’m influenced by anybody except from what I carry in my background and I can’t physically escape from. Within The Modern Age Slavery we listen, as always have, to many bands coming from different waves of the extreme music scene. My guitar player for instance is really into US death metal bands like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Morbid Angel which are a source of inspiration for sure. I think it’d be hard to play extreme music without having those bands in your background. But we do like much modern ensembles as well like Decapitated, Origin, Aborted, Job for a Cowboy, The Red Chord…what we like, beside obviously their sound and their brutal attitude, is that they never changed their attitude throughout the years.

With which band would your dream support slot be?
Without any doubt a supporting tour with a deathmetal legend like the aforementioned Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel or Suffocation… from the posters of our teenaged bedroom walls to the same stage, that would be awesome!

Watch the video to ‘Vile Mother Earht’ by The Modern Age Slavery

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
Well, we have a lot of close fellas we support and have fun sharing the stage with…Kernel Zero, Stigma, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Dawn Under Eclipse, Forgotten Tears…

What’s the best show you’ve played?
The best show was our very first one, exactly one year ago. That marked the end of the tough period we went through with our former band, and the sunrise of a new and better beginning. That night was us screaming that we were born and that we had some pure energy to spread.

What have you got planned for the future?
Since releasing Damned to Blindness, we would like to play live as much as possible to spread our message. We’ve got some gigs already booked and we are in touch with a booking agency trying to organize a European tour. We already recorded our first video for ‘Vile Mother Earth’, with director Xavy Perrone (who’s worked with Suicide Silence, Bring Me the Horizon and Dillinger Escape Plan) and I’ve got plenty of ideas for our second one, which I’d like to record as soon as possible.

What other new band should everyone find out about?
Go listen to Hour Of Penance, another band from Italy. They play brutal\death and they are killer.


Damned To Blindness, the debut album from The Modern Age Slavery, is out now on Napalm Records.


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