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March 17th, 2009

Gallows reveal second-choice artwork

gallows 2009 promo photo thrash hits band grey britain

There’s never a dull moment when Gallows are involved. At their gigs, you’re at risk of them destroying you. Face to face, you never know if they’re about to set their robots on you.

Even their artwork has proved bloody dangerous – as the band have apparently had to fall back to their second-choice of artwork for the cover of Grey Britain after the visuals designed by frontman Frank Carter were deemed too offensive for public consumption. Crumbs.

Instead of Frank’s original ideas, the band are apparently using this somewhat-tame replacement cover:

Speaking to the kids over at Rocksound, bassist Stuart Gill-Ross had this to say

It is very close to the bone, it pulls no punches so the record company couldn’t release it without everyone getting sued, so we have censored it by putting a huge black bar across everything.”

The original artwork will still see the light of day, but only as part of the deluxe limited-edition version of Grey Britain – the accompanying DVD that it will be packaged with allowing a helpful 18-rating to get round those obscenity laws.

Grey Britain is set for release on May 4 – expect a review very soon here on Thrash Hits, as well as parts 2 and 3 of our video interview with the band.



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