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March 9th, 2009

Gallows showcase Grey Britain songs live in London at Watchmen event

Gallows play the Watchmen party @ London SEOne - Thrash Hits

It’s a funny setting under the arches near London Bridge tonight. The approach to the venue has smashed up cars and painted tow trucks along with a scattering of folk dressed to the nines, ready to see a movie that’s even more hyped than The Dark Knight was – Watchmen.

We turned up halfway through the film and had a drink or two in preparation for the mighty Gallows. You always seem to need some Dutch courage during their shows…

By the time the shining lights of UK hardcore hit the stage, minutes after the unsuspecting theatrical throng left the cinema, frontman Frank Carter is already in a foul mood, hammering the microphone into his head during opening song, ‘London Is The Reason’.

Things go from chaotic to trademark as some wally in the crowd starts having a pop at the moving musical targets onstage. Needless to say, Frank characteristically dives into the pit and stays there, antagonising the bouncers until at least one of them pisses off.

Watch the video to ‘Just Because You Sleep Next To Me…’ by Gallows

Soon after, Lags begins his first climbing expedition of the evening, and his twin tower Steph Carter realises he’s just got all the encouragement he needs to join them and clambers down with his mic stand in tow. The trio complete the set of Grey Britain songs from the floor leaving bassist Stu Gili-Ross and Lee Barratt on drums onstage.

Regardless, gang-vocal extravaganza ‘I Dread The Night’ lives up to every expectation as the band throws themselves around the onlookers who veer between petrified and a bit petrified. Set closer, album closer and epic social diatribe ‘Crucifucks’ is then met with showers of popcorn and wild abandon in equal measure. Don’t you dare doubt a single thing about this band.

Once you see Gallows live, everything immediately before and after seems a bit shit. Watchmen was probably an incredible film, but yet another burned down stage was a pertinent reminder that with Grey Britain this band is poised to take over the world.

Gallows play Watchmen party @ SEOne photos courtesy of Caught In The Crossfire

Go and visit our friends at Caught In The Crossfire for more photos and an alternative report.

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