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March 24th, 2009

Interview: Madina Lake’s Nathan Leone – “Attics to Eden refers to the different ways to look at things to bring you happiness.”

With the release their second album, Attics To Eden, drawing ever closer, we caught up with Madina Lake singer, Nathan Leone to talk about the new record, his twin brother shitting himself and getting beaten up by girls.

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Attics To Eden is the second in the set of three in the concept. How is it going so far?
“It was a brutal few months in our rehearsal spot in Chicago. We had poster boards with scribbling and arrows all over the walls trying to assure it all made sense. Music always comes first though and then we weave the storyline around it so as not to influence the honesty of the lyrics. We’ve got the ending all set and will probably start the third in a few months when we’ve decompressed.”

What does the album title mean?
“I believe that happiness does not come in the shape of money or popularity but rather internally. Life, in other words, is how you perceive it in your mind. Attics to Eden refers to the different ways to look at things to bring you happiness.”

What is your favourite song on Attics To Eden?
‘Criminals’ is probably my favorite song. It has a very dramatic chorus with a cool piano line that seems to nail the message home. It is essentially about the people who create monsters in the world and seeking revenge against them.”

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Once the Madina Lake/Adalia concept is finished, in what direction do you see the band going?
“We’re trying to focus on the current record and just thinking about the third. As far as the fourth, we will cross that bridge when it comes! We may start another story or just stick to one-off records. Either way we always try to put as much creativity into the band as possible so hopefully some clever ideas will come!”

How does it feel to get a better reception in the UK than in the US?
“I think the UK was easily the first and best audience to embrace us, which feels pretty fantastic seeing as the UK has produced just about all the best, timeless rock bands ever. The UK audience is by far the most passionate and we love the culture, so as long as the UK will have us, we’ll be ecstatic to come here.”

An affectionate term used for your band is Madeira Cake. What is your favourite cake and why?
“Haha, that’s amazing. My mom used to make us an Oreo cake for our birthday when we were kids. It was layers of crushed up Oreos and vanilla ice cream.”

Do you regret not using that $50,000 you won off Fear Factor to buy loads and loads of booze, drugs and relatively cheap women?
“The only regret is that the money has run out now and all we have to show for it is a bunch of empty bottles, a drug habit and a pile of STDs! Ha ha.”

If the band went super-popular, would you consider appearing in another, less dangerous reality show?
“Haha, I doubt it. We went on that show in attempt to take the piss out of that whole world of reality TV and competition. We are two short, skinny rock kids up against big, jocky frat boys… Didn’t think we had a prayer so we just figured we’d get beat up by the girls on the show and have a laugh at ourselves. The whole thing is quite ridiculous actually!”

Watch the video to ‘Never Take Us Alive’ by Madina Lake

As Chicagoans how do you feel about your former senator being in the White House now?
“I gotta say it feels pretty cool. The US has had a pretty humiliating run the past eight years and hopefully that will change. Chicago has always been a cool city to me – ever since the World Fair in the late 1800s it’s proven itself to be a blue collar, gangster riddled playground!”

How windy is it in Chicago? Who farts the most in the band?
“Haha well… Matthew shit his pants a few months ago and then he accidentally drank a bottle of piss. We have to piss in water bottles on tour because we can’t stop every five minutes. It was late one night and he had a mouthful of sand so just blindly went for it. Then he puked all over the parking lot. It was amazing. He’s had a rough go.”

Tell us a joke.
“A guy goes to his doctor and asks for three viagras. The doc says… ‘You’re young, healthy, what do you need viagra for!?’ The guy says well, I’m going to meet my wife up in the mountains, and my girlfriend is going to secretly meet me up there, and I’ve just met your secretary and set a date with her for the third night.” DOC: “Well, okay, I suppose I can do that” and gives him the three viagra. The next Monday, the guy goes into the doctor with his arm in a sling and a bag of ice on his balls. DOC: “What the hell happened!?” The guy says, “None of them showed up!”


Madina Lake’s second album, Attics To Eden is released on 27 April 2009 via Roadrunner Records


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