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March 4th, 2009

Live + Photos: Enter Shikari @ London Borderline – 26 February 2009

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With details released to mailing list members before anyone else, it’s not a push to suggest that this 200ish-capacity venue was rammed full of the hardest core of Enter Shikari fans.

Tonight is, of course, all about the fans. By showcasing a selection of new songs from forthcoming second album, Common Dreads, the Hertfordshire hardcore-dance crossover merchants are ensuring that they remain as close to the hearts of their fans as they ever have been.

It takes the first half of the set for the band to really warm up but by eventually the Borderline becomes hotter and sweatier than summer sex in a sleeping bag. The sodden hair plastered to drenched faces of bassist Chris Batten and Rob Rolfe shows the effort in an instant.

The quartet has just returned from recording the album on the Isle Of Wight and new songs sound intriguing. There was conjecture as to whether they’d tone their sound down for this album, away from the hardcore and away from the dance but instead they appear to have polarised themselves further.

Some new tracks have a brazen Southern USA swagger to them while others perform electronic musical acrobatics to rival even those of their fans. Lights are torn from the ceiling and microphones are dragged to the floor – along with frontman Rou Reynolds at one point – but this is all part and parcel of this band’s shows.

Tonight there might not be the lasers and lightshow excesses that we’ve come to expect but live, this band is as unmissable and vital as ever. Everyone here knows it.

Enter Shikari @ London Borderline photo gallery by Abbi London


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