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March 7th, 2009

Live + Photos: Shred Yr Face – The Bronx, Fucked Up & Rolo Tomassi @ Brighton Concorde – 05 March 2009

When the amazing hardcore extravaganza, Shred Yr Face II tour hit the penultimate date at the Brighton Concorde, Andy Parker was there for Thrash Hits with his camera and notepad. He had quite a good time.

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Tonight I am exhausted. Never have I felt so run ragged by an act, so to be kept on my toes by two of the US’s finest exports is a pleasure.

The Shred Yr Face II Tour finds its way to the windswept coastline stopping for chips and dohnuts at Concorde2, Brighton.

First up are Sheffield-based Rolo Tomassi. I have seen their spazzcore electronic dysfunction on many occasions, but not for a good year. Amazing how much someone can change in a year.

The mass media interest in front-girl Eva Spence (still not quite ripened to her 20s) has evolved from a moody teenager to a seasoned vet. Her small frame writhes around the seemingly expansive stage tonight like a cross between Iggy and a school disco. It is such as shame that the rest of the band seem to be auditioning for Oasis, barely moving from their statuesque positions.

In an extreme contrast, Canadians Fucked Up pull the pin and lob the biggest getthefuckup grenade into the crowd. Grizzly front man Pink Eyes spends more time with his hardcore fans on the front line than he does with his compatriots on the stage and it pays off for the band tenfold.

They pummel their way through a set which I can only describe to those who have never witnessed their groove laden sucker punch before as like thrush. Every time you think its over, it comes back harder and more itchy.

The set ends in a completely Fucked Up experiment with peanut butter circle pits and full-bore crowd sing alongs. A-mazing.

You would think it hard to top such an energetic and intense performance. The Bronx are never ones to bow down to such a frivolous challenge.

This is the bands 2nd visit to Brighton and their dedicated fanbase have packed the venue front to back.

I haven’t seen them since a rather ill-fated Reading Festival performance almost a decade ago which ended in fisty cuffs between the band and stage crew.

Tonight is a matured performance, still shit your pants hard and fast, still floor stompingly upbeat and with just as much crowd participation as tour mates Fucked Up, The Bronx deliver an even mix of tracks from their latest delivery III as well as fan favourites from previous releases, Senor Hombre De Tamale and Shitty Future, which gets some serious bruising from its creators.

If you had the chance to catch this tour, even if you don’t think it is your thing, you’ll understand that this is how rock and roll should be done.

Shred Yr Face photos and review by Andy Parker


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