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March 25th, 2009

Top 5: Fightstar – Charlie Simpson and Dan Haigh choose their Top 5 Meats

fightstar 2009 band promo photo charlie simpson thrash hits

Charlie: “You know you can buy the Bodean’s sauces to take away? What pisses me off is that you can’t get the hot buffalo chicken sauce because that is the best. They keep it from you! They don’t let it out. I’ve moved on from ribs. I do the pulled pork sandwiches and the hot chicken wings.”

  1. Classic beef burger
  2. Joint of pork is my favourite meat. No one pork dish would top the burger but as a meat it has a very diverse registry. It has everything: gammon, sausages.
  3. Kobe beef shit you in the face steak. Steak is massive.
  4. A good old traditional English bacon sandwich with ketchup
  5. Zinger Tower burgers…? No. Hot dog? I love sausages. A fine sausage is definitely up there because that includes chorizo, peppered sausage, everything. Just pork and everything that comes with it.

Dan: “We all know that pigs are unclean animals and apparently if you pour some Coke on a pork steak, after about 10 minutes small parasites appear on the surface of the pork. Let’s do an experiment. Search it on YouTube. Just type in pork coke.”

We did that.

Watch someone pouring Coke onto some pork


Fightstar release their third album, Be Human on 13 April 2009 with the first single, ‘Mercury Summer’ released on 06 April 2009. They tour the UK from 22 April 2009.



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