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April 24th, 2009

Album: Kylesa – Static Tensions

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Static Tensions
Prosthetic Records
09 March 2009

by Sophia Murray

In a scene that is currently being almost burnt out by a barrage of bands attempting to shred, thrash and scream-core their way into the shallows of notoriety, there are few bands like Kylesa. Rising from the ashes of this sort of despair is the quirky, avant-garde creativity of Static Tensions.

If you can get past the fixation of how to define them in terms of genre then you can get on with thoroughly allowing this album to unleash its unique blend of tripped out psychedelic, “genre collision” metal. The album is sure to induce a pleasant sense of euphoria and will leave your eardrums slightly pulsating, disorientated and craving for another dose.

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Do not approach this album expecting to have heard it all before though. Any preconceived notions you may have will be shot to pieces in a heart beat. Kylesa are now four albums deep and with this experience have proved yet again that there is absolute power in numbers – two drummers, guitarists and, three vocalists create a gargantuan, synchronised wall of sound.

The one and only major criticism about this effort is that the songs tend to transmogrify. ‘Unknown Awareness’, ‘Running Red’ and ‘Almost Lost’ are tracks that are guilty of this. They all hit so many different dynamics, lows and highs at multiple stages but that has more to with Kylesa perfecting their own style.

Watch the 2006 video to ‘Where The Horizon Unfolds’ by Kylesa

Demonstrating the fast, furious nature of the band, they lash out as many turbo charged rifts as humanly possible – ‘Nature’s Predators’ and ‘Only One’ have some of the best breakdowns you will probably hear for a while.

However, there isn’t that much coveted breakthrough track on this album. We are not dealing with a band who will compromise originality for popularity. For this reason, Kylsea shall remain a pristine example to those bands still wondering aimlessly around in the shallows.


Sounds Like: These Arms Are Snakes, Torche, Protest The Hero
Top tracks: Running Red, Said And Done, Nature’s Predators
Kylesa – Static Tensions track listing
Insomnia For Months
Said And Done
Unknown Awareness
Running Red
Nature’s Predators
Almost Lost
Only One
To Walk Alone



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