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April 20th, 2009

Album: Malefice – Dawn Of Reprisal

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Dawn Of Reprisal
Metal Blade Records
02 March 2009

by Luke Morton

Since their inception in 2007, Malefice have gradually become one of the hottest bands in the UK metal scene. Their stunning debut album Entities received critical acclaim as one of the best metal albums of the year, and with their latest release Dawn Of Reprisal Malefice have hoped to keep the momentum running.

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Without even listening to the album you know that it’s going to be filled with absolute chaos and leave your brain feeling numb from the constant pummelling of pure unadulterated metal. Sadly however once the play button is pressed, this entire notion is thrown out of the window. This isn’t to say the album isn’t a fine example of UK metal, it’s just lacking a certain something to make it a great album.

All the elements are there for an awe inspiring metal LP; bowel-loosening growls, technical guitars and insane drumwork all merge together to create the Malefice sound – but there’s nothing that significant about it. The riffs will get your head nodding and the lyrics are exactly what you’d expect from any heavy metal band, yet none of the songs seem to go anywhere, leaving you slightly unfulfilled.

Watch the video to ‘Risen Through The Ashes’ by Malefice

There are a selection of tracks on Dawn Of Reprisal that do stand out, one of which is ‘Abandon Hope’. The fast-paced music drilling itself into your eardrums before an onslaught of snarls and growls unleashes itself upon you is the perfect example of what Malefice are capable of, unfortunately it just isn’t showcased enough on the album.

If you’re already a Malefice fan then go and pick up a copy, there is definitely a great track or two in here for you. Otherwise go and purchase Entities, it’s a much more satisfying way to go deaf.


Sounds like: Arch Enemy, Lamb Of God, Unearth
Top tracks: Abandon Hope, As I Bleed, Human Portrait

Dawn Of Reprisal tracklisting
The Midas Effect
Abandon Hope
An Architect Of Your Demise
End Of Days
Human Portrait
As I Bleed
When Embers Ignite
Hatred Justified



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