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April 1st, 2009

Album: Oceano – Depths

oceano 2009 earache thrash hits deathcore band promo photo

Earache Records
14 April 2009

by Vincent Danger

The irony of Oceano’s landlocked location of Chicago, Illinois has not gone un-noticed but the debut release from the aquatically-obsessed deathcore merchants bears no contradiction within.

If the deepest of deep seas contain the most wily, pragmatic and ruthless of beasts upon this planet, then this is a perfect musical analogy. Depths is an extravagantly brutal display of the state of modern deathcore but it carries a progression and purpose about it that much of the maligned sub-genre is lacking.

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Oceano have simply tried to create the heaviest and most complex record they can and while they take you to every extreme, this might just be too far for the regular heavy metal fan. However, if you’re willing to put the time into understanding and appreciating this record, you will not be disappointed.

As with any fusion genre, the mixing of grindcore and death metal has received much criticism for being image-conscious, gimmicky and for being “a bit shit”, but by further melding the technical intricacies of Meshuggah (‘Inhuman Affliction’) and the moody soundscapes of Isis (‘Depths’) in with the rest, they have managed to pose the listener a significant sonic problem.

Watch the trailer to the Depths DVD by Oceano

Further to the impressive time changes and the glamourous atmospherics are wholly unpredictable changes in tempo. Switching from the blastbeats to doom (‘A Mandatory Sacifice’) can be unsettling at best but the disorientation felt whilst listening to Depths will take some getting used to.

With Depths, this young band has already staked their claim as one of the foremost deathcore bands around but, make no mistake, there is much more brutality to come from Oceano in the future.

Sounds like: Suicide Silence, Meshuggah, Isis ,bloody hate-fuelled violence
Top tracks: Samael The Destroyer, Depths, Plague Campaigns


Oceano – Depths tracklisting
Inhuman Affliction
Empathy For Leviathan
Plague Campaign
Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh
Disgust For Your Kind
District Of Misery
With Legions
Slaughtered Like Swine
A Mandatory Sacrifice
Samael The Destroyer



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